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New Dbacks Tumblr! [26 Apr 2010|03:15am]

Hi Friends!

If you're on Tumblr or if you do RSS feeds, I've created a new Dbacks blog overthere. Strictly photos and videos. Enjoy!

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[23 Mar 2010|10:56am]

[ mood | giggly ]

I was watching Fastforward last night and goodness knows it was boring .Still ?I got to make a good joke.I was watching the bit where there is a guy walking round at the baseball game and I turned to my friend and said
"Must be a Dodgers fan,even unconscious,he still left the game early"

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Have a favorite? [19 Aug 2009|09:00pm]

Just out of curiosity and for the sake of conversation, who is your favorite Dback?

Mine? Chad Tracy!

Also does anyone have any Dbacks icons/banners/etc. to Dbacks-ify (haha) my LJ?
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Vote Reynolds!!! [08 Jul 2009|08:09pm]


Mark Reynolds  is in the running to be the final National League position player for 2009 All Star Game on July 14th. He is competing against four other players by way of fan vote. We Diamondbacks fans know what he's capable of and would love for him to get a chance to be recognized in St. Louis. Unfortunately, he's totally a long-shot because the Diamondbacks aren't doing well and aren't a national fan favorite.

Help us show everyone what he's made of and that baseball doesn't begin and end with the Dodgers/Red Sox/Cubs/Yankees! Go to www.dbacks.com and vote! If you're an AL fan, throw up Mark for your NL vote!

Also, feel free to help the cause by stealing my icon and/or reposting the banner.
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So sad! [20 May 2009|05:22pm]

Wife of D-backs' Schoeneweis found dead


This is so sad! Did anyone else get the KTAR Text about this or see it on the site?
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[08 May 2009|03:30pm]


Goodbye, Bob Melvin.


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Season Opener [12 Apr 2009|10:13pm]

What the heck is up with that first week!?  This isn't pretty!
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Here we go again [24 Feb 2009|06:39pm]

Spring training games start tomorrow, the World Baseball Classic starts March 5, and April seems to be just around the corner. So, where do you all think we stand? Are the Diamondbacks ready to go? Will we take the NL West? Do we have a long hard season ahead of us?

Here's a soundbite from Webb I liked:

"While I am excited for Team USA and the [Classic], I am not going to participate in 2009 because I want to fully prepare for the 2009 Major League season. We came up just short of the playoffs last year, and my focus and efforts are in seeing that we bring the playoffs back to Arizona."
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Moorad resigns. [04 Jan 2009|10:34am]

[ mood | shocked ]

Check it out.


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Okay, well. [19 Sep 2008|05:11pm]

[ mood | okay ]

33 MLB.tv screencaps from Haren's first career shutout

- comment if you DL
- credit littlestclouds / onthecorners if you use them
- enjoy!

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Diamondbacks Message Board [30 Aug 2008|01:59am]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone here in our community post on the Diamondbacks Message Board? I keep getting threatened and personally attacked on there by someone and need advice on how to handle it. I keep reporting this person and sending their rude and very insulting posts to the moderators but she keeps getting away with her crap and I am tired of it!

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[11 Aug 2008|07:26pm]

So we've aquired Adam Dunn from the Reds. They've got Dallas Buck and "two players to be named later." Who do you all think the other 2 are? I got a text from KTAR today saying it was Orlando Hudson, Dallas Buck and two other players, but the D-Backs site doesn't say anything about Orlando.
When Upton gets back, I just hope Chad Tracy isn't one they get rid of. = [
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Beat L.A.! Beat L.A.! [31 Jul 2008|08:17am]

 Nothing like the start of a 4-game series against the Dodgers (in their house, might I add) to end July with a bang!

Lets cross our fingers and hope the great defense and offensive steak we're seeing stays long enough for us to clench a nice NL West lead. Jackson is doing fantastic, the errors at 3rd are down, and our bullpen hasn't destroyed a lead in almost a month. Hell, we even SWEPT a team! 

I doubt we'll see any 'DBacks' christmas lights gracing the windows of any nearby buildings though ;) 
Thoughts on this upcoming series?
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Here we go [17 Jul 2008|02:45pm]

Alrighty then, the second half of the season is starting up and I'm praying to god that we can get back on track.

Also, welcome back, Mr. Clark.

full article at mlb.com
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Bad News For Us Salazar Fans! [05 Jul 2008|11:46am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

This Is The Reason Why!Collapse )

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I Bring You Something Humorous... [22 Jun 2008|06:10pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Rookie Hazing & Jeff SalazarCollapse )

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Hello? Is there anybody here? [11 Jun 2008|12:38am]

Aight. With a win today, I'm feeling just a little bit better about our boys in sedona red.

I'm still nervous, but if we needed a turnaround point, guys, this is probably the best we're gonna get. Things were starting to get weird there, with Reynolds really helping carry the team offensively. (Reynolds, if we start winning again, I challenge you to keep up the good offense)

In hopes of getting things back on track, I posted a fuckton pre-emptive celebratory user icons over at my icon journal. They're free for the taking as long as you credit awkwardiconic.

Also, I don't know if you caught the bench-clearing heated arguement (sigh) that took place between the Pirates and the D-backs, but Randy Johnson once again proved that he's that hardest 6'10" 44-year-old in major league baseball....

Here's the set-up: Doug Mientkiewicz steps out of the batter's box and calls for time as Randy is going into a pitch. This pisses Randy off and an arguement ensues between batter and himself. Montero holds back Mientkiewicz and the home plate ump holds back Johnson as the two scream at each other. The benches clear. I'm thinking 'OH HELLZ YEAH'.... and then the arguement kind of dissapates and both teams work their way back to their benches. Oh.

Later, when the press won't quit asking him about it, he says, "It's not really the storyline. It didn't bother me at all. If it would've, he'd probably be on a strecher and I'd be out of the game."
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[06 Jun 2008|11:06pm]

Welcome to the Diamondbacks, Daniel Schlereth.


more info here
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I Feel The Need to Vent [28 May 2008|11:59pm]

Dear Arizona Diamondbacks,

Hey guys. I just wanted to check in and make sure that everything's going ok. I don't know what's going on over there, but it seems that you're having a slump of some sort. No, I know, you're not totally stinking it up (ala the Padres), but you're not the best in baseball anymore either. And I know you're still the best in the NL West, but I hear the Dodgers knocking at our back door.

Maybe it's my fault for thinking that April could go on forever. Maybe I was riding too high and needed to be brought down a peg. Maybe I wasn't bringing enough 'CAR' signs to the ballpark. If it's my fault. If you're just trying to remind me that you're human and that you make mistakes, I apoligize.

But I don't think it's my fault. You've definately been losing lately. Some games have been close, some have been embarassing (11 to 3?). And you've been striking out even more. And our super-fantastic-awesome pitching staff has been not-so-super-fantastic-awesome. Sure, you've cut down on errors, but that doesn't really matter if no one is scoring runs.

Guys, I love you. I know you're good. And I know that the greatest thing about you is that you all contribute to the team's success. So let's shake off these losses, pick ourselves up and rock this shit, ok? Because, seriously, I am creeping my roomates out with all the profanities I've been screaming at the TV as of late.

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